Back-To-School “To-Do’s”

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We want to thank Kelsey Padgett for partnering with us and sharing how she prepares to send her kids back to school.

I can not believe we are headed into another school year!

I feel like the summer lasted a whole minute and here comes the school year. Ugh!

But either way, here we go!

This year I have a preschooler, 2nd grader, 3rd grader and OMG a 5th grader. That’s right, we are in the final year of elementary school for our first born and I do not like it one bit.

With the start of a new school year, comes a ton of calendar keeping, meal prepping, thinking ahead, and the dreaded back-to-school “to-do” list.  Having 4 kids, heck having one kid,  it’s super vital that we plan ahead and mark things off starting well before school is back in session.


Shopping for us includes a first day of school outfit, we are not the type of family that goes all out for school clothes, we tend to get it when they need it. We do however make a special time for each of our kids to head to a store, have them pick out an outfit for their first day and maybe take them for lunch or dinner. We use it as an excuse for some one-on-one time.

School Lists

I am not the one in charge of school supplies at our house, my husband is the deal shopper and has been in charge of this since our oldest went to school.

Did you know you don’t always have to buy brand new? I hadn’t really thought about that until recently. Crayons, markers , etc. from last year that came home and are still in working order can head to school to be used again.

Vaccinations and Well-Visits

Along with so many “to-do’s”, making sure your child’s well-visits and vaccinations are up-to-date is extremely important and a top priority on our list.

Vaccines are safe, effective and help protect everyone.

• Vaccines protect our children and teens from 16 vaccine-preventable diseases—including HPV, which can cause six types of cancer.
• It’s normal to have questions—it makes you a good parent! But make sure you are getting answers from credible sources.
• Talk to your child’s doctor and explore resources like IVaccinate.org.
• The majority of parents DO choose to vaccinate, but the conversation is often framed as a “debate” and may include misinformation about vaccines. That’s why it’s so important for parents to share their own personal stories about why they vaccinate.

If you’ve fallen behind on your child’s vaccines, it’s not too late to get caught up! Now’s the time to make sure your whole family is protected from preventable diseases like the flu, measles and whooping cough.


Try to send school supplies in before school even starts so our kids aren’t lugging a ton the first day and the teacher is a little less overwhelmed.

Write a reminder in/on your calendar 6 months before your child’s birthday to make sure you have a scheduled well-visit and up-to-date vaccinations

Don’t buy new! Look at what you have and use what is useable first

Set up a calendar that your entire family can see – this will help a ton with communication and so people know who goes where and when

School clothes don’t have to be bought before the first day, gradually get what you need

What’s left on your “to-do” list before the start of school begins?

Thanks for stopping by!

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You’ve got questions. That’s a good thing.

As parents, determining how best to protect our children can be overwhelming and confusing. We’re here to help.

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You’ve got questions. That’s a good thing.

As parents, determining how best to protect our children can be overwhelming and confusing. We’re here to help.

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