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Michigan children are falling behind on routine vaccinations that prevent serious diseases.

These include measles, mumps and chicken pox.

Vaccination rates have dropped during the pandemic as parents postponed well-child visits to keep them away from the coronavirus.

Now, vaccination rates for children between 19 and 36 months has dropped below 70% in half of Michigan counties.

The areas with the lowest vaccination rate include Gladwin, Lake, Clare, Otsego and Mackinac Counties.

Doctor Herbert Smitherman says, “As things continue to open up, kids who are not caught up on routine vaccinations won’t be protected from these potentially serious and preventable illnesses. These diseases can and will make a comeback, and I have seen firsthand their devastating impact on families.”

The rates of these preventable diseases have actually been on a steep decline in the past year.

Doctors say due to the precautions taken against COVID-19, it shields kids from all diseases.