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As a mom of three, I can whole-heartedly attest that each baby is so unique and different. From their tiny, little personalities to the way they learn and grow, each of the Dubs Brudders have shown us their shining individuality from the beginning.

From a nervous first-time mom to a laid-back mom of three, I’ve learned to go with the flow. Is there any other way to surviving mom life of multiple children?

While motherhood teaches me daily to expect the unexpected, there are also things that were consistent with all the boys during their infant years.

Here are six things that we did for all our kids:

Firm Nap/Sleep Schedule

The biggest struggle I had was getting used to the sleep deprivation that comes with becoming a mom. Figuring my way out of the newborn fog was a tough road. What helped lessen the exhaustion was getting our babies into a good sleeping routine and schedule from early on.

Obviously, with the addition of each baby, we became (by default) more relaxed and flexible. But, all three boys were/are good sleepers for the most part. And I wholeheartedly believe that because they didn’t have any other issues like colic, gas issues, etc.; our firm nap/sleep schedule helped them with their sleep routines.

Transitioned to the Crib Around Three Months

We didn’t really plan this, but coincidentally fell into this routine after following the same sleep regiment for all three boys. When all three boys were newborns and in the fourth trimester, they roomed in with me in the master bedroom. With trying to figure out our breastfeeding routine, it just worked for us.

Around the three-month mark, all three boys slept through the night consistently. I am forever grateful to my sons for this miracle because that is when I went back to work full-time, too.

For us, the transition for them to sleep in their own cribs helped add to the “regular” sleep routine during their first year.

Vaccinated on Schedule

We are very grateful that the boys didn’t have any major issues in their infant years. While we had a little scare when C was 9 months old, it turned out to be a non-threatening health concern. We researched a lot in the early years and for our family, following our pediatrician’s recommendations for a routine vaccination schedule was the right decision we made for each of the boys.

As a mom, giving the boys the best life possible is always my goal. Through routine immunization and following the CDC’s recommended schedule, I rest easy knowing that the Dubs Brudders are protected from 14 vaccine-preventable diseases (before age 2).

At ages 6, 4, and 2, our boys are all up to date on their routine vaccinations. We also get flu shots every fall season as well. Being Michiganders, it is important for our family to get the flu vaccine every year. While it doesn’t guarantee that we won’t contract the flu, in our experience, it has helped with less severe symptoms and overall wellness during the winter months.

D and I are also vaccinated which gives our boys the best umbrella of protection possible, since the people around our kids need to be vaccinated too. I know that our decision helps the health of all children in our community, especially those who are immuno-compromised and cannot be vaccinated due to health reasons.