The State Legislature allocated $7.1 million to help local health departments and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services combat the Hepatitis A outbreak.

The outbreak, which began in August 2016, has been concentrated in 10 counties located within southeast Michigan, including Oakland County. From August 2016 through Jan. 4, the county had 91 confirmed cases, which includes five cases since Dec. 7.

The county health division has administered 10,880 doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine since August 2016, which includes 6,467 adults and 4,413 children. In addition, 274 doses of Twinrix, a vaccine that protects against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, have been administered.

State and county health officials say although no common food, beverage or drug source has been identified as the cause, the outbreak most likely stems from person-to-person contamination and through illicit drug use.

Of that $7.1 million, Oakland County has been allocated $203,000, according to Lynn Sutfin, state department of health public information officer.