To date, a vaccine has not yet been authorized for children under age 12, but Pfizer-BioNTech has a vaccine that has received authorization for adolescents age 12 to 15. This is in addition to the vaccines previously authorized for those 16 and older. Vaccine programs are rolling out at high schools, community clinics and pharmacies. This eligibility expansion provides the opportunity to further protect your child from COVID-19 and help get life back to normal.

The currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines have gone through clinical trials and scientific review just like any other vaccine — including those your teenager has likely already received — and no standards of quality or safety were sacrificed.

Vaccination gets our kids back to the programs, activities and social interactions they need for appropriate academic, social-emotional and physical development. The sooner all eligible Michiganders are vaccinated, the sooner we can get our state — and our kids’ lives — back to normal.


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Should My Child Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?